If your child has stayed with us at Gaia Camp before, please follow the steps below to reserve their place for next year:

  • Call the office to register your child. Gaia telephone number: 916 502 286 / 916 504 682
  • Returning students have already had the first interview so it is not necessary to repeat it.
  • Complete and sign the registration documents:
    • Registration form
    • Medical document
    • Authorization of guardian and Data Protection
    • Payment and cancalation policy
  • Send the documents to the office either by normal post or by email (scanned documents). The documents must be accompanied by proof of payment of reservation.
  • Once these steps have been completed, your child’s place will be confirmed.


If your child has never been to Gaia Camp before and doesn’t want to miss out this year, follow the steps below:

  • Call the Gaia offices on 916 502 286 or 916 504 682
  • We will send you some information by email. When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll arrange a personal interview for you at our offices, where you’ll receive further information about the camp and we’ll fill in the necessary paperwork.
  • This interview is compulsory for new students
  • We ask that you read carefully the information contained in the following documentation.

It is essential that you complete and return these forms in time in order to register your children in Gaia camp.


If you live outside Spain and want to come and enjoy the Gaia experience, please follow these steps:

  • Call the Gaia offices on 916 502 286 or 916 504 682
  • We will send you all the information about our camp and our programs
  • An interview with the parents is required before admitting the children. For international students, this can be done by telephone or via Skype.
  • Complete and sign the documents below. (Please write legibly!). Return the forms in good time, together with payment to reserve the place. This is essential in order to register your children in the camp.
  • Once you have completed the four steps above, your child’s place will be confirmed.